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StoriesIg: Instagram Stories Viewer - Insta Stories

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StoriesIG was born out of the Instagram user’s need to be able to watch stories anonymously on Instagram. That’s to say, they are viewing a story without the creator knowing they are watching.

The way it works is very simple, in fact, by merely inserting the name of the person whose story is of interest in the search bar, users can watch the latest stories on Instagram without an account and without the need to sign in to Instagram.

Follow these steps:

  • – Make sure that it is a public profile
  • – Write the name of the account whose story you would like to view in the search bar.

How do you use it?

Thanks to StoriesIG, even those who do not have an Instagram account are able to see their favourite celebrities or idol’s stories. As mentioned before, the programme is very easy to use and easily accessible to all. Users simply insert their username, without using the @ prefix, press go and that’s it, no need to download an app on your smartphone or iphone.

And like that, users can follow all their favourite celebrities and influencers that feature on the most loved social network of all time.

Does StoriesIG it really work?

Lucky for you, YES!
StoriesIG really works. As mentioned, users do not need an account, they can view Instagram stories anonymously, without their name appearing on the list of viewers and it is all legal.

How to download Instagram Stories?

Are you looking for an Instagram downloader? Great, you are in the right place!
Thanks to storiesIG, it is possible to download any stories from Instagram from a user with a public profile without having to have a specific app. In fact, stories are downloadable directly from the web, immediately after you search for them using the search bar on the home page.
All you have to do is click DOWNLOAD, just after the story. Downloading Instagram stories has never been so easy

Alternative website to Storiesig

In the last few years, so many sites have emerged like StorieIG that allow us to follow an Instagram account without the account owner knowing and even to watch Instagram stories anonymously. We are preparing a list of all the sites where it is possible to watch other’s stories anonymously and then some. Let’s also remember that, the first domain, is no longer active.